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The Mura Biosphere Reserve placed on the global map of the most valuable natural sites

Ljubljana, 27 July 2018 – The Mura Biosphere Reserve (MBR) was declared at the 30th conference of the International Coordination Council of UNESCO’s Human and Biosphere programme (UNESCO MAB ICC) in Palembang, Indonesia.

This means that the Mura and its basin have been placed on the map of the world’s most valuable natural sites.

The international council considered and confirmed the addition of 24 new areas from all over the globe to the World Network of Biosphere Reserves within the UNESCO MAB programme. All these areas were thoroughly examined and comply with the criteria required for the declaration. The decision sees the existing 686 sites from 122 countries united in this global UNESCO network joined by Slovenia’s fourth such site.

This addition will considerably contribute to the objectives of protection and development in northeastern Slovenia and supplement the achievements of the existing biosphere reserves in Slovenia: the Julian Alps (added in 2003), the Karst and the Reka river basin (2004), and Kozjansko & Obsotelje (2010).

Its numerous rare nationally and internationally threatened habitat types and wild species make the area one of the richest in Slovenia in terms of biodiversity, which is reflected in the typical riverine landscape with interweaving river and riparian habitats, complex floodplain forests, as well as typical agricultural cultural landscape.  The international status and active cooperation within the biosphere reserve network brings new opportunities for the development and promotion of this area, but also the obligation that the development benefit the local population and include local stakeholders, who actively care for, manage and preserve the rich biodiversity and cultural heritage for achieving the objectives of the newly established MBR.

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