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Noise in the environment is any unwanted or harmful outdoor sound caused by human activities, including noise which is emitted by means of transportation in road transport, railway transport and aviation and installations in the sites of industrial activity, for example, installations for which an environmental protection permit needs to be obtained in compliance with regulations regulating emissions from installations which may cause pollution of great extent.
Experiencing noise is of a subjective nature and people respond differently to it. Noise which to some may cause a disturbance others may hardly notice or sense. However, it may have an influence on people merely because it causes distress just because it is “heard”. But irrespective of a subjective experience of noise, when noise levels increase, our communication is disturbed, our sleep may be disturbed and in extreme conditions it truly influences people’s physical feeling of comfort.
A source of noise pollution in the environment is: 

  • a motorway, an expressway, first and second class main roads, first, second, and third class regional roads and a road on which annual traffic flow exceeds one million vehicles;
  • a main railway line and a regional railway line including the accompanying railway stations;
  • an airport and a helipad;
  • a port, a warehouse or other open areas for shipment of goods if the annual mass of these goods exceeds 10,000 tonnes;
  • an open warehouse on which an annual flow of vehicles exceeds one million vehicles except for those which are in compliance with the regulation which regulates public roads, parts of a motorway, expressway, first and second class main roads and first, second, and third class regional roads;
  • installations the operation of which in performance of industrial fabrication, small businesses, production, servicing and similar activities, or production activities in agriculture or forestry cause permanent or temporary noise in the environment. Such an installation might also be a facility for the extraction of mineral resources or ore processing, a shooting range or a facility for destroying unexploded explosive ordnance, a facility for sports and other public events, an anchored vessel on which, due to the performance of a production or service activity, noise is created, a catering or amusement establishment in a non-fenced or uncovered space if audible devices are used, construction site outside closed and covered spaces of buildings and entertainment facilities (for example, a racetrack, roundabout, sports shooting ground). A catering or amusement establishment for which, on the basis of legislation, an environment protection permit needs to be obtained is also deemed to be an installation, regardless of the fact that its activity is carried out in a fenced and covered area of a building;
  • an establishment if on its territory there is one or there are more installations from the previous indent which are sources of noise;
  • a source of noise is also a public event and a public gathering with the use of audible devices causing noise if it takes place in an open field, in an open space of a building or on an open or non-covered surface of a facility or a building.