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The responsibilities of the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning in the area of natural disaster recovery:

  • preparation of proposals for the approval of natural disaster recovery programmes for the reconstruction of things on the basis of the Natural Disaster Recovery Act;
  • implementation of urgent tasks for the stabilization and prevention of spread of natural disaster consequences;
  • preparation of a professional basis and the provision of the implementation of researches for the identification of threatened areas in the area of influence;
  • identification of necessary infrastructure facilities and installations for the arrangement of the area of influence of a slide and the preparation of proposals for the transposition, extension and other adaptations of existing infrastructure facilities;
  • preparation of a proposal of a national spatial plan in cases of faster changes in the physical environment;
  • obtaining of project documentation;
  • running of administrative procedure from the field of natural disaster recovery;
  • monitoring of measures for natural disaster recovery;
  • keeping collections of data as a basis for the implementation of prevention measures and natural disaster recovery.