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Control of major accidents hazards involving dangerous substances


This area of work deals with industrial accidents which may happen in establishments in Slovenia in which great quantities of dangerous substances are handled. This refers to so called “major accidents involving dangerous substances” for which it is characteristic that there are adverse effects on people and the environment outside the area of the establishment. For the control of the risk of such accidents a system of monitoring and control has been established over the operation of establishments in which, because of a technological or human error, an uncontrolled emission of dangerous substances might take place which may develop into a major (industrial) accident.



Did you know that…?

...In 1976 a major industrial accident happened in a chemical factory in a small Italian town Seveso where pesticides and herbicides were produced. A thick cloud of poisonous gas containing dioxin, a poisonous and carcinogenic gas, was released from the factory which caused immediate contamination of the environment. More than 600 people had to be evacuated from their homes and more than 2000 were treated for dioxin poisoning.
Because of this industrial accident the European Commission initiated procedures which led to the adoption of the so called SEVESO Directive – the Directive on control of major-accident hazards involving dangerous substances.