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Today climate change represents one of the greatest challenges facing human kind.  The active operation of Slovenia in the processes of the formation of international and national environmental policy is therefore urgent as in this manner we do not only protect our interests but we operate globally.


The climate change policy which is run by the European Union is ambitiously designed and it applies to all the EU Member States. The goals adopted are as follows:

  • By 2020 the greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced by the European Union by 20%.
  • Increase the use of renewable sources of energy by 20% in the final use of energy.
  • Achieve 10% share of bio fuel as motor fuel in transport and
    20% increase of efficient energy use.

Did you know that …?

  • The use of an air-conditioning device may increase your electricity bill by 33%. A ventilator needs one tenth of the energy used by an air-conditioning system; and sunshades, blinds, window shutters and the night time cooling do not need any energy at all. Try to cool down without the use of an air-conditioning device.
  • Do not forget that with each litre of fuel combusted in an automotive engine, more than 2,5 kilos of Co2 is emitted into the atmosphere. Start to change; use a bicycle, go on foot or use public transport! You will improve your health and reduce the impacts on the environment.
  • Do not forget to switch off lights. If you switch off five lights in corridors and rooms in your house when you do not need them you may save approximately 60 euros per year! In this manner you prevent the emission of approximately 400 kilos of CO2 in one year.