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Minister of the Environment and Spatial Planning

Jure Leben

22 April 1981 
Master of Science, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Oxford Brookes University

Jure Leben received his BSc in environmental assessment and protection in the United States, after which he completed specialist environmental studies at Oxford Brookes University while working for the TRL transport institute in London, where he was responsible for assessing transport systems and their impact on the environment. His dissertation examined the links between national development indicators and the number of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies introduced. While working at TRL, he received a scholarship from the European Marie Curie fund. This year, Mr Leben completed a Master’s degree in philosophy at the University of Hertfordshire. 

In 2008 he became head of the Centre for Renewable Energy and Environmental Protection in Pivka, before going on to the Slovenian government’s Climate Change Office, where he was responsible for developing energy and new green technology policies and for managing European projects. In 2012 he joined the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment, where he was in charge of introducing the ECO label and eco innovations, headed the working group for green public procurement, and acted as deputy head of the working group for green tax reform. In 2016 he became state secretary at the Ministry of Infrastructure responsible for managing the country’s largest state infrastructure project, the construction of a second railway track. 


State Secretary for Spatial Planning

Aleš Prijon


Aleš Prijon holds a degree in Architecture. He is an authorized architect and spatial planner, and  the former President of the Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia (ZAPS). He was employed with the Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, worked as an assistant at the Faculty of Architecture, and most recently was the Director of the Prima company. Prijon has participated in multimedia projects and theatre set designs; he was also a member of The Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK) art movement. He has published several articles in professional journals and newspapers. Over the past fifteen years he has worked as an architect, a responsible design engineer for architecture or a responsible head of project, in designing projects for obtaining a building permit, and leading the production of site development documentation and main dossiers of plans for obtaining a building permit. As a responsible spatial planner, he led the production of spatial planning documents. As the President of the ZAPS, he constructively cooperated with the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning in adopting new spatial and construction legislation.


State Secretary for Environment

Simon Zajc

Simon Zajc has graduated in criminal justice and security and during the mandate of the previous convocation of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia held the office of a deputy. He was a Deputy Chair of the Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Food and has vast experience in radio and television production.